Joomla & WordPress Content Management Systems

Many websites, especially older ones, are static websites built using HTML, Javascript, and Flash. They are difficult to access and virtually impossible to edit without special software and training, thus, expensive to maintain.

To solve the maintenance problem, a content management system uses a database to store and retrieve the content of your website on a server. Administrators can add or edit content, upload and add images or down-loadable files, and manage critical data in order to keep their websites fresh with up-to-date content, all within a browser such as Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer. This cuts out many site maintenance fees associated with owning a website.

While there are virtually endless applications out there the ones we recommend are Joomla for website development and WordPress for blogs. Why, because these are the applications we have become experts in designing and developing websites and blogs with.

The Benefits

Web Hosting
  • The ability to update and change your content anytime using a web browser
  • Room to grow - Easily add additional pages and functionality at any time
  • Configurable access restrictions
  • Consistency of design is preserved
  • The CMS has built-in search capability
  • You are not trapped with a single web developer - your CMS is an open source software product understood by thousands of users and developers.
  • The Bottom line is You Save Money. A content Management Systems allows our customers to update their websites in real-time, keeping their long-term costs down.

While a CMS will do a lot it won't do everything. Non-standard features you'll need help with include:

  • Your developer will need to install and configure the CMS to meet your needs
  • You will need a custom website design to maintain brand recognition
  • The custom design will need to be converted and programmed (into HTML, CSS & PHP) to work with the CMS
  • Depending on additional functionality, plug-ins and components need to be purchased, installed, configured and the styles edited to match the style of your site (ie. Slideshows, Email marketing, shopping carts . . . )
  • Hosting, email, and other considerations still apply
  • Payment processing (e-commerce)
  • Community features (forums/message boards, user-generated content, social networking)
  • Advanced Facebook or Twitter integration
  • Real Estate managers
  • Opt/in, Opt/Out email marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization

Web Hosting

We do not offer web-hosting for many reasons. But we do recommend SiteGround web hosting for Joomla and Wordpress websites. NOTE: While Joomla can have a blog component installed we recommend having 2 websites for search engine optimization reasons and cross-linking both sites.

Businesses Using Content Management Systems

  • Corporate websites or portals
  • Corporate intranets and extranets
  • Online magazines, newspapers, and publications
  • E-commerce and online reservations
  • Small business websites
  • Non-profit and organizational websites
  • Community-based portals
  • School and church websites

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