Hackers Favor Sports Betting And Poker Sites

This year, many sports betting and poker platforms have been targeted by computer attacks. The practice quickly spread, blocking all services for hours.

Online poker and betting site: prime targets

Online poker and sports betting sites are in the sights of hackers. In the operators concerned, Winamax and Betclic, who had the bad surprise of suffering this kind of attack. In the industry, these malicious acts are nicknamed DDoS and have become the daily life of operators. According to the Winamax team, they have no impact on the security of players’ personal data. In addition, the operator is not the only one on the list of victims since its competitor, Betclic, claimed that its services have become inaccessible according to a statement released last Thursday. Due to this outage, some players were unable to recover their bets.

Computer attacks are now common in the industry, prompting the site to temporarily shut down the majority of poker tournaments. DDoS invasions have already been in the iGaming landscape for twenty years. According to Gérôme Billois, IT security consultant at Wavestone, the hackers’ modus operandi is nothing extraordinary since the principle consists only of flooding the parameters of access to websites in order to saturate them with information. Poker and sports betting sites are the most vulnerable because of the way they operate. Indeed, their turnover comes mainly from their permanent presence on the web. Cybercriminals will stop at nothing to amass as much money as possible through threats.

What about user protection?

Poker players who encounter this kind of problem often delete their account from the site. Nevertheless, the operators assure that these computer assaults do not have negative consequences on the funds and the confidential information of the players. According to Winamax, this data is highly secure and preserved from this kind of practice. The consultant of the firm OPFOR Intelligence, Jérôme Saiz, affirms that Internet users have nothing to fear. Hackers rely exclusively on access and reception capacities.

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