Rare Opportunity: Mind Matters Hypnosis Center is Offering A Hypnosis Certification Training Course

Avon, CT, January 09, 2013
Press Release by Sue Matheson & Tina Rice of Insight Design Studios

Mind Matter Hypnosis is offering Hypnosis training from March 23rd to the 30th at the Farmington Valley Arts Center, 25 Arts Center Lane, Avon, CT 06001. In this 100-Hour Basic Certification Course, students will learn everything they need to successfully hypnotize themselves and others from Lisa Zaccheo, MA, BCH, BCI. The course will be a combination of 8 full days of in-person training plus home and group study/practice. All who attend will leave the course with a solid foundation on which to build a new career or expand their current career and the confidence to begin applying all they’ve learned with others.

Owner and Instructor, Lisa Zaccheo developed this program based on thousands of hours of training and working with clients. Lisa states, “This course is a compilation of all I've learned in my decade of practice and what I know to be effective with clients. I have honed my skills in order to deliver consistently high levels of success. This course is highly experiential – learning by doing is the absolute best way. Not only will students be learning and watching demonstrations; they will practice, practice, practice … so they cement the concepts. Students will learn how to hypnotize themselves as well as practice hypnotizing and being hypnotized by their classmates.”

The Certification Program is not only beneficial for people interested in entering the field of hypnosis, but it is a helpful skill for anyone dedicated to self-improvement and positive life changes. Health and wellness professionals, teachers and coaches, business people, and hypnotists looking to advance their skills are the ideal candidates for this program. Classes are small and designed to ensure that every student gets the most out of the curriculum. Students will learn to help clients enter the state of Hypnosis, how to develop session structures, how to hold group hypnosis sessions and many more powerful hypnotherapeutic techniques that get results.

Upon completion of the course, students will receive: Consulting Hypnotist Certification from the NGH, an official NGH Diploma, a 1-Year complimentary membership to the NGH, additional new member materials and most importantly, ongoing support after graduation.

“I've been trained to train others by the National Guild of Hypnotists, the oldest and largest governing body of hypnotists in the country, states Zaccheo. The NGH has outlined an outstanding curriculum, which I've enriched with all that I've learned through study and experience. Working one-on-one, or with groups of clients is wonderful. I feel eternally grateful that I have found my calling and am excited to share my passion and knowledge with others.”

To learn more about hypnosis certification or register to for this course, please go to or call: (860) 693-6448. Discounts are available for early registration through February 15th and registration closes March 1st, 2013. The class is small (no more than 10 students) and will fill up, so if you’re interested don’t delay. All training materials will be provided.

Lincoln Waste Solutions Educates Several Industry Clients to Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Waste Management Firm Gets Serious About Recycling!

August 2012 - Press Release by Sue Matheson of Insight Design Studios - Lincoln Waste Solutions is implementing a huge Green, Sustainable campaign for all the industries they serve: Manufacturing, Retail, Supermarkets, Trucking and Transportation, Construction, Auto Parts, Hospitality, Restaurants, Property Management and Convenience Stores.

Many of these industries are behind the times when it comes to recycling and repurposing. Wherever possible, Lincoln Waste Solutions will facilitate cutting costs and increase savings for their customers. They specialize in implementing the right program to meet their client's needs. Recycling varies across the country, as to what is collected and how it is collected. Lincoln Waste Solutions is always current on what needs to be recycled, what can be repurposed and what will go out to the trash haulers.

Lincoln Waste begins by conducting an audit of your current trash trends. Once completed, their primary initiative is to evaluate waste streams. They then create cost effective solutions that reduces waste by using waste optimization, recycling and customized reduction techniques.

"Our clients began to see a new revenue stream in terms of the resale of recyclables thus increasing their green footprint as well as their green income," states Marc Schaffer, Director.

Another focus of Lincoln Waste Solutions is quick response time. In 2011 their average call to answer time was just over 10 seconds. Their First Call Resolution was an outstanding 96.1%. Visit to see how they can help you recycle and repurpose.

Lincoln Waste Solutions has recently moved from Hartford to Bloomfield, CT. Contact Marc Shaffer for further information 888-847-7047

BBB - 2011-13

Insight Design Studios is now accredited with the Better Business Bureau. We send our most heartfelt thanks to everyone who took a chance on a small start up business for their website and graphic design needs.

Statewide Savings For Companies Looking To "Trim The Fat" From Their Waste Disposal Budgets

Hartford Courant, Biz Buzz - Submitted by Sue Matheson, InSight Design Studios for Lincoln Waste Management, on 2011-08-27.


With all of the economic issues facing businesses today many of us are not really looking at the bottom line when it comes to recycling and waste removal. "We just know we want it hauled away." Unfortunately, many businesses are throwing their hard earned money out with the trash. But where most people see a dumpster, Ron Sedergren and Nick Zoccoli, both veterans of the waste management world, saw a better mousetrap.


They realized that there are three true parts to the waste brokerage equation: there was the customer, there was the hauler, and there was the need for a broker who could optimize the value for all three. "We saw companies located next door to each other paying different prices for the same amount of trash and recycling being carted, "stated Sedergren.


Every broker and solid waste management firm in the market place was pocketing the difference in the waste billing so we decided to create an open and honest system where the client would share in these savings." Consequently, Lincoln Waste Solutions was born. Marc Shafer, Director of Business Development, contacted Insight Design Studios, a Canton based web design firm, to create the new website. Produced in a content management format, the site offers a client login area, easy contact info, and a full list of services. "Our industry is decidedly low-tech, stated Shafer, and we consider ourselves innovators in the field of waste management particularly as we provide the best in customer service in the industry. The new website allows us to not only reach new clientele but to better serve our existing ones." Located in Hartford, Conn., Lincoln Waste Solutions services business at any location in the USA or Canada.


To learn more about this subject or to schedule an interview with Marc Shafer, call 860-656-7712, ext. 139 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


New Hartford Business Council Launches New Website

Submitted by Susan Matheson, InSight Design Studios, on 2010-10-25.
The New Hartford Business Council announces the launch of their new website This is their latest initiative to support the retention and growth of New Hartford area businesses. Since 1987, the NHBC has worked tirelessly to promote networking and community activities among their members and neighboring businesses with the goal of fostering a positive business environment and creating opportunities for people to spend their dollars locally.

Through the combined efforts of the Business Council's website committee members, Philip Havens, Tina Rice and Dawn Whalen, the website was created to further promote their 23-year mission. The site will contain a member directory and NHBC members will be profiled on a rotating basis. was built on a content management system allowing the council to keep site visitors updated on the latest news and events.

"The New Hartford Business Council initiated this effort because we understand that the success of our local business owners affects us all," said Dawn Whalen, New Hartford Business Council president. "For New Hartford to continue to be a great town for families and businesses, we all must take responsibility and show our support."

The NHBC's Board of Directors, along with a variety of volunteer committees, works diligently to provide their members business visibility, networking opportunities, marketing support, member-to-member discounts and much more.

They have recently joined efforts with the Canton Chamber of Commerce to boost the number of business contacts and offer membership discounts through both organizations. In 2010, the NHBC was proud to announce they had reached their 100th member and are currently accepting applications. Downloadable applications are available on their website as well as information about fall networking events.

If you'd like more information about the New Hartford Business Council, or to schedule an interview with Dawn Whalen, please call 860-238-7142 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



Artist Helping Artists

Hartford Courant - Hot Topics
Submitted by Susan Matheson, InSight Design Studios, on 2010-05-03.
Simsbury artist, Emily Dakota Black has opened a new internet based business, She is showcasing her mixed media altered pieces. Her one-of-a-kind creations includes; Tooth Fairy Pillows, Messenger Bags, that allow buyers to customize their bag, and Scraps of Wisdom, framed collages with an uplifting message. All of Emily's artwork conveys her belief that art and inspiration surround all of us every day. InSight Design Studios, a Canton based website and graphic design firm, created and launched Emily's website.

What makes Emily's business truly special is more than her positive message. It is her steadfast dedication to supporting other artists in need of help. Every sale means a 5% contribution of net sales go to One Red Bead's artists and their wish lists. One Red Bead provides much needed supplies to struggling artists.

How did One Red Bead get started? Emily was literally one red bead away from finishing a big project. So she jumped in the car and went to get one.

On the way, she said, "I thought of how many artists also need just that one thing, that one chance, but have no means to get it. So One Red Bead was born."

At first she appealed to friends and family to give up their unused materials and supplies they'd stockpiled. Then she found local artists in need and donated those items to them. All too soon, it became clear that there was a greater need than her very generous circle could support. Her dream of helping others was in danger of becoming lost, so she got to work and began making and selling her own art, using a percentage to fund her vision. Now, and One Red Bead are together, building a strong community of buying and sharing art that inspires all of us.

If you'd like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Emily Black, please call (860) 729-5364 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Read about this successful event at

April 15, 2010, Biz to Biz Open House

Small Business Brainstorming Event

Come share your ideas and what’s worked for marketing your small business.

Sponsored by InSight Design Studios and
Tag team discussion by Tina Rice and Emily Dakota Black on what they are doing to promote their businesses.
Open Forum brainstorm session and meet and greet to follow.

Nick of Thyme
244 Farms Village Road
West Simsbury, CT 06092-2407


Woman Realizes Ambition With Insight Design Studios In Canton

Hartford Courant - Biz Buzz
Submitted by Susan Matheson, InSight Design Studios/Account Executive, on 2010-02-01.
Tina Rice in her home office.

Although politicians tell us that the economy is on an upturn, this is certainly not the consensus of the general public. We feel the pinch every day. The state unemployment rate still hovers at around 8.5 percent and the cost of living seems ever rising. Tina Rice, a local artist and Connecticut resident, was affected first hand.

Tina's position as an art director and website designer with a local Internet service provider was eliminated after eight years due to company downsizing. Like the rest of us, there were bills to pay and job positions were few and far between. Owning her own design studio had been her plan since graduate school but in the present economic situation, the timing could not have been worse. "I was anxious about opening my own business; but what I did know, was that I had a flair for website design, a unique perspective, and a belief in myself that with the right people I could create a company that would stand out from the rest."

With the support of friends and family, Tina opened InSight Design Studios LLC in October. Her company focuses on website and graphic design for small to mid- sized businesses. offers a wide range of services to assist companies with their online advertising endeavors.

Tina says: "In today's market, I believe that it is essential for all businesses, large or small, to have an online presence. It not only reinforces your legitimacy as a serious business, but also allows you to reach the maximum potential clientele. Most importantly, it is an extremely cost effective way of advertising."

Heading into her fourth month of operation, InSight Design Studios is moving full speed ahead. Their client base is growing as well as their staff. Tina has managed not only to create a job position for herself but has even provided employment to others. Times are tough but perhaps not as tough as the human spirit.

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